How Couples Should Behave On Social Media Sites.

Guest post by Alisa Martin 

There are definite lines that should be inhered to out of respect for the relationship and your partner


Being in a relationship is often one of the most uplifting experiences of life—that is if it is a good one. However, the truth is there are a lot of people who do not know how to treat an intimate relationship with the level of respect it deserves. There are several categories of relationships and ways in which couples interact, both publicly and privately.

The Respectful Relationship

This relationship is the kind of relationship that while having its ups and downs, the couple remains true to the ideals of each other. They pay attention to details that their partner finds important, and they support each others needs and are there for them. This couple may have their fair share of disagreements, but they are handled with a baseline of respect. When the disagreement results in a stalemate, then both sides simply agree to disagree, and finds ways to work around it.

The Disrespectful Relationship

This type of relationship cares little about what the other person needs and is in the relationship to fill their personal needs and agenda. Disagreements can lead to all out battles, and little is ever resolved. These people have little regard for making a public display out of their partner or relationship.

How to have a Healthy Relationship Through Social Media

As with any other source of communication that a couple shares, these outlets should be a place where couples can share, encourage, enlighten and love. Social media sites should be a playful and nurturing arena where the couple has a chance to post up funny stories, loving photos, anecdotes and shared experiences. This is a great spot to keep open lines of communication and express appreciation. It is also a great location for memory building.

What Social Media Should Not Be in a Relationship

This is not the place to post arguments, or to embarrass or harass a partner. Social media sites are not the place for public arguments, or to triangulate an argument by involving others. This is one of the main problems with Social Media sites when proper guidelines are not in place.

Another Social Media Problem

Couples should always be concerned not to flirt with other people on Social Media sites, as this is hurtful. While it may seem harmless because it is not face to face, this can spell trouble for a relationship and should be avoided. While discussions with the opposite sex that are friends, colleagues etc., is perfectly normal, there are definitive lines that should be adhered to out of respect for the relationship and your partner

Intimacy Lines and Social Media

Couples should respect that there is a level of one-on-one relationship that no-one else should be privy to. That is the base foundation of “intimacy”, and its defined meaning. That means others should not share in the same depth of information, nurturing, and closeness that the couple shares.

This can be a line that can be readily crossed with Social media. Sometimes with these sites there is an inclination to share the whole story with America. This open mouth insert foot syndrome can feel compelling, but is highly destructive. This is where restraint is important for both parties. Social media can be great communication tool for a relationship, but caution is advised for couples to maintain “couplehood” mostly in private. It is always best that it be constrained to sharing only tidbits of healthy discussions, jokes and support for the rest of the world to see.

Author’s Bio: Alisa Martin is a freelance writer, professional blogger, and social media enthusiast. Her blog focuses on Dating bloggers. You can follow her on Google+

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8 thoughts on “How Couples Should Behave On Social Media Sites.”

  1. Solid information, Alisa. I know I shouldn’t flinch, but every time someone posts a ‘veiled’ argument/fight/lambaste I crinch. Luckily, there’s just a few people I follow who do this. It’s so obvious even though they don’t start the update with, “So, me and so-and-so had a fight about blah-blah-blah…” that they’re sticking it to their partner.

    I think the reason why this is such an acceptable practice is b/c too many people believe they’re entitled to their 15 minutes of fame.

    Thank you for sharing the Intimacy Lines and when not to cross them.
    Linda Esposito recently posted..How to Deal with Anxiety: 31 Days to a Less-Anxious, More Productive You! (PDF)My Profile

    1. I feel the same way as you Linda.
      The problem is that hurt feelings and anger mixed together makes partners do nasty things in revenge that they can’t take back when it’s out there. I will recommend writing about feelings in a private journal and deal with it together with partner at a later and more calm moment.
      irenesavarese recently posted..Dealing With Anger As A TeamMy Profile

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