Top Five Relationship Articles

Need ideas to improve your relationship or save your marriage? 

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Effective Communication Strategies for Couples – and then some!

This post gives you simple communication strategies for how to communicate effectively. But beware! Simple doesn’t always mean easy. To get your point across you have to stay calm and think about what it is that is most important to you and then express that without blaming your partner for how you feel.

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Dealing With Anger As A Team

To move forward from our “acting out” tendencies, we have to do the needed individual work and start changing how we react and deal with difficult emotions like anger. Both partners have a personal responsibility to work on their own reactions when under stress. I know that we would rather want to point out how our partner is the problem. How much easier it would be if he/she just would change. The problem is that our partner is thinking the same. This is painful work! But we need to be willing to look at our own reactions and decide to stop blaming our partner for how we feel. Click on image to read the whole article


“One Plus One Is Greater Than Two” – Are You Ready To Do What You Need To Do To Save Your Marriage? Is this a good description of the marriage/relationship you want to have?

  • You and your partner have the ability to identify and express important aspects of yourself.
  •  You are curious about your partner and can manage your own reactions.
  • You are able to manage the tension between being two different people AND still be a couple.
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Valentines Emergency Repair Kit For Couples. 

Did your Valentine’s Day fall flat? It is not as important what your partner is angry about or what your partners main complains are about. It is more important how you conduct yourself. It could be too little or too much affection, attention, sex, or something totally different that your partner is angry about.  This Valentines emergency repair kit works because you are going to establish a heart to heart connection ! Follow the instructions below! To read the whole article click on image.


Is Marriage Counseling Right For You? 
When you find yourself stressed out and unhappy about your relationship, there are THREE MAIN WAYS you can respond to your partner: 1) You can attack your partner for his/her role in  your relationship. The problem with this choice is that he/she is most likely going to attack you back. 2) You can avoid your partner, withdraw from contact and shut down negative emotions to avoid open conflict. The problem with this choice is that when you avoid and shut down your negative emotions, you are also shutting down your positive emotions.
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What do you think is the most important advice to give to couples?
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4 thoughts on “Top Five Relationship Articles”

  1. My favorite couples advice is to check out your blog, Irene! I rarely do couples work, and when I do I assess for motivation and I only accept personal referrals. Couples work is so difficult, and the dynamics are hard to keep track of, especially when things get heated.

    I truly admire you couples nichers and listen closely and carefully to your experienced ear.

    This is a great idea to compile a varied list. Thanks for sharing. Off to share myself…
    Linda Esposito recently posted..Anxious Adults Create Anxious Children + The Think Traffic ChallengeMy Profile

    1. I agree JoAnn, I sometimes see couples that are so busy during the week that they hardly have time to spend together. Then there are couples that don’t go on dates together and don’t spend much time together even being together in the same home. I often say: “Try to prioritize your relationship and put energy into doing things together and take the time to be involved in your partners emotional life. In other words “Reach Out” to your partner on a daily basis.
      irenesavarese recently posted..Is Marriage Counseling Right For You?My Profile

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