Give A Heart To Heart Connection This Valentines


Create the best Valentines Day ever for the one you love!

Are you wondering what you can do to make a real difference this Valentines?

The 7 easy steps below works even if you are having issues in your relationship. Follow the instructions to the letter and it even works when your partner is angry at you!

At this time, It’s not as important what your partner is angry about or what your partners main complains are.


The following 7 easy steps to create the best Valentines day ever works because you are going to establish a heart to heart connection!

To enhance the effect, combine with a home cooked meal and a wrapped gift. You don’t have to spend a fortune. When it comes to love – It is the thought and the presentation that counts!

Picture 057Try This: Show your partner your love by following the 7 easy steps below:

1) Ask your partner how his/her day was.

2) Listen without interrupting. Don’t get sidetracked by angry blaming remarks. Hold yourself together.

3) Keep eye contact – literary don’t break eye contact.

4) Ask what you can do. Don’t expect an answer right away. Keep being there and keep silent and an answer will come.

5) Again – listen and eye contact. To keep eye contact when you are asking questions can be difficult, but it’s very important that you do. When you talk, your partner is watching you.

6) Ask how your partner would like to spend the evening/ rest of the day. Again be patient.

7) Listen and eye contact. This is not about you!

For the 7 steps to work the best, you need to stay calm and centered.  Your partner needs to feel that you are standing strong on your own two feet, showing that you are there for her/him.

Listen without asking for anything in return! This is your very special Valentines gift to your partner!

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This post is modified from a post I wrote Feb. 14 2012 under the tittle “Valentines Emergency Repair Kit For Couples.

Photo By N.J.

Photo of heart is by terren in Virginia

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2 thoughts on “Give A Heart To Heart Connection This Valentines”

  1. Thank you Linda,

    Active listening is not as easy as most people think. It is not about explaining or defending our point of you. It’s about being curious, recapping and asking questions to help the talking partner identify and express important aspects of self. Eye contact is a way to show that we are listening.
    A differentiated partner is able to recognize the partner and at the same time being aware of own different aspects without interfering and trying to manipulate partner.

    I wish you and all visitors a Loving Valentine’s Day!
    irenesavarese recently posted..“One Plus One Is Greater Than Two” – Are You Ready To Do What You Need To Do To Save Your Marriage?My Profile

  2. Irene–Love the new look of your site–clean, fresh and inviting!

    It’s so difficult for couples to maintain eye contact when communicating feelings.

    And I completely agree that listening without wanting anything in return is the best gift, ever. Too bad we don’t make this more of a habitual practice.

    Thanks for sharing these tips. And Happy Valentine’s Day to you, too!
    Linda Esposito recently posted..What Is Narcissism: 14 Facts and the Tips That Don’t Love Them Back (Poster)My Profile

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